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        Contact: Mr. Xu
        Tel: 0663-8536558
        Mob: 13318190522
        Fax: 0663-8536568
        Email: jy@jyzdhsb.com
        Add: Customs Crossing, Maya Road, Dongshan District, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China

        ABOUT US

        Jieyang Jiyang Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a young, educated, professional company. The main sales of inverter, PLC, touch screen, a temperature control meter, counter, sensors and other industrial automation products. The main brands are: Mitsubishi, Delta, Cornwall, lion Granville etc..

        The company's business involves a wide range of areas, including automotive, steel, tobacco, beverage, machinery manufacturing industries, wire and cable, plastic machinery and peripheral equipment, electronic equipment, vacuum equipment manufacturing, textile, CNC machine tools, sewage treatment, water plant monitoring, power monitoring etc..

        Company brings together a large number of both rich field experience, and master of engineering and technical personnel, and forge ahead of the leading science and technology. High quality technical staff and extensive service network, ready to provide convenient, fast and perfect technical support and after sale service for the customer.

        The company has always been to "respect for talent, human service" concept of culture. Respect for talent, explore talent, attention to personnel is Ji Yang style. "Quality first, customer satisfaction, always further" for business purpose, sincere service and good reputation to win the majority of customer recognition and support, make the company get benign development.

        We by "to the quality of brand, occupy the market with price, service to win the hearts of the people, innovation and development" strategy, warmly welcome the channel partners, have the strength of the domestic Qiangqiang jointly, work together to create a better tomorrow!

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